Fey Campaign - Goblins and a Drum
Zombies, Goblins, and Drums... Oh my!

Lord Ahran Shallir decided to call in the tithe from a nearby village in order to get enough labor to clear the drow lair’s back passage, in hopes of tracking down the illithid and the strange stone he bore. To this end, he sent the adventurers, along with a scribe and a priest, to the village to muster the villagers.

Upon arrival, the adventurers came upon a strange sight. Goblins were raiding the village, taking food and other supplies. Not a single villager was standing, though no wounds were visible on them. The adventurers immediately raced to defend the villagers, but the goblins were mounted on worgs and most escaped. A handful of goblins remained behind to slow the party down.

The group easily beat the goblins, capturing one for questioning. His name was Skud. After some diplomacy, the goblin informed the group that his tribe (the Bonefire Tribe) had been driven out of their home near some old eladrin ruins and into the hills, due to undead taking over the ruins. They were having a hard time with supplies because of this. The party also learned that the goblin chieftan was in possession of a powerful artifact, a drum which sends enemies to sleep. Iros suspected, based on his religious lore, that this artifact was the Drum of Soriel, the first drum ever made and once owned by the great Bard himself.

The adventurers had Skud lead them to the goblin tribe. After a long meeting and more diplomatic efforts, the group managed to arrange a deal with the goblin chieftan – if the adventurers cleared out the undead from the ruins, the goblins would return to their home, stop raiding the elves, and return the artifact to the elven people.

The adventurers explored the ancient ruins. Inside, they found a library which had been sealed with magical spells, and many valuable magical books. They also found a necromancer named Draega the Bleak, a servant of Corena of the Bones. After a very tough fight, they managed to defeat her. Several magical items were found within the ruins, as well.

Finally, the adventurers were able to return to Shallir with the Drum of Soriel, and the goblins returned home. When they got back to the elven territory, Lord Shallir informed them that evidence of the mind flayer’s whereabouts had been discovered…

Fey Campaign - The Drow Cult
The dark fey are up to something in the underdark...

In the first adventure of the campaign thus far dubbed “The Fey”, two separate groups of adventurers met up to do battle with a group of drow.

Anya and Ire, sent from Threysos to investigate the source of a strange surge in aberrant energies, met up with a second party shortly after their arrival from Threysos. The second group was sent by the local elven lord, Lord Arahn Shallir, to put a stop to kidnappings perpetrated by a drow tribe living nearby. After teaming up to defeat some drow scouts, the two groups decided that working together would be best. They journeyed into the drow lair.

Inside, they found the drow in the midst of some sort of ceremony conducted by an illithid (also known as a mind flayer), a creation of Agshasa Muren. The ceremony seemed centered around a hunk of a strange, dark rock. The rock was also found in the necklaces of each of the drow. Upon examination, this substance appeared to be radiating aberrant energy.

Unfortunately, at the first sign of trouble, the mind flayer grabbed the rock and teleported away, causing a cave in to block pursuit. The party was able to defeat the drow and rescue several prisoners, but were not able to gleen anything more about the strange stone.

The group returned to Shallir with the captives. Anya and Ire used their scroll to contact Captain Hiyara, their superior in Threysos, for new orders. They were instructed to remain in Aegir, and try to find out more about the mind flayer and the mysterious stone. So the two groups decided to continue their time together, at least for a little while longer.


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