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The Broken Continent of Aegir (AY-jeer) consists of two large land masses and several small chains of islands. The climate is primarily temperate, similar to that of Western Europe. Aegir is heavily influenced by Norse, Gaelic, Greek, German, and Zoroastrian names and concepts.

Aegir is a hostile land, consisting of several major groups struggling for dominance. Essentially all the civilizations are insular, territorially, and even xenophobic. Inter-racial relations are strained at best. This leaves plenty of opportunities for interesting diplomatic or espionage type adventures, in addition to traditional dungeon-crawl or wilderness areas.

This setting has been designed for DnD 4th edition play, but can be adapted for other systems.

What Aegir is:

  • A mythical, forested land characterized by many wild places and strange creatures.
  • Fey and humans are powerful races, followed by dwarves, lizardmen, halflings, and goblins.
  • Most communities and governments are characterized by varying degrees of hostilility and xenophobia.
  • Stories, creatures, and magic in Aegir follow the style of folklore, as opposed to high fantasy. Think wil-o’-the-wisps and faerie rings as opposed to flashy dragons and wizards.
  • Resurrection magic is more difficult – once a soul has left the body and entered the divine realm, it is very difficult to get it back again.
What Aegir is not:
  • Steampunk. This is not Eberron – there are no airships or everburning streetlights, nor is this the place for Warforged.
  • Psoinic. Telekinesis and celtic mythology don’t exactly mesh stylistically.
  • High Fantasy. The style of Aegir is intended to be more muted and mysterious.
  • Full of Dragons. Dragons are rare in the extreme in Aegir – they are world travelers and only occasionally stop by Aegir.
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